Under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009

The constitution of an incorporated association forms the structure within which the association operates.
To assist associations develop their constitution, NSW Fair Trading has prepared this model constitution, which covers the matters required by law. An association may:

- adopt this model constitution; or

- adopt a modified version of this model constitution.

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Last amendment 18 February 2014

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Part 1 - Preliminary

1 Definitions
2 Membership generally
3 Nomination for membership
4 Cessation of membership

Part 2 - Membership

5 Membership entitlements not transferable
6 Resignation of membership
7 Register of members
8 Fees and subscriptions
9 Members’ liabilities
10 Resolution of disputes
11 Disciplining of members
12 Right of appeal of disciplined member

Part 3 - The Committee

13 Powers of the committee
14 Composition and membership of committee
15 Election of committee members
16 Secretary
17 Treasurer
18 Casual vacancies
19 Removal of committee members
20 Committee meetings and quorum
21 Delegation by committee to sub-committee
22 Voting and decisions

Part 4 - General Meetings

23 Annual general meetings - holding of
24 Annual general meetings - calling of and business at
25 Special general meetings - calling of
26 Notice
27 Quorum for general meetings
28 Presiding member
29 Adjournment
30 Making of decisions
31 Special resolutions
32 Voting
33 Proxy votes not permitted
34 Postal ballots

Part 5 - Miscellaneous

35 Insurance
36 Funds - source
37 Funds - management
38 Change of name, objects and constitution
39 Custody of books etc
40 Inspection of books etc
41 Service of notices
42 Financial year

Application for membership of association